How to find Mutual Fund House’s Website

Mutual Fund investors often need to know about the details of the Asset Management Company, the people behind it and contact details. In some situations, mutual funds investors tend to register directly with the AMC for hassle free investment experience and stay protected. This article will explain how to identify Mutual Fund House’s website in detail.

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There are two approaches to identify AMC’s website for investing in direct mutual funds.

Approach 1: Googling for AMC

In order to identify mutual fund house or AMC website, one can google with the AMC name followed by the words ‘Mutual Fund’. For example, if you want to invest in ‘SBI Dynamic Bond Fund – Direct (G)’ through AMC, then google for AMC + Mutual Fund. Try googling ‘SBI Mutual Fund ‘ and the very first result you see is the SBI’s Mutual Fund’s online investing website as shown below.

SBI Mutual Fund Google Search Results

Approach 2: Through AMFI Portal

This is the most reliable approach. Visit the Association of Mutual Funds India (AMFI) website here. Search for the Mutual Fund House’s name in the search dropdown as shown below and select the desired fund house.

Search AMC on AMFI website

Once you select the desired search result, the AMC related details page will be shown. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find the website for that particular AMC. The Website url is where you can invest into mutual funds directly from the fund house.

The benefit of this approach is that you will have a reliable source of information available from the AMFI website. You can also see contact details of the AMC such as Address of AMC, Telephone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Website and Email for communication.

As you notice we searched for sbi, and selected SBI Mutual Fund from the dropdown, we are displayed with the SBI Mutual Fund House’s details page. It also has the details of website url for its fund house as shown in the image.

Googling for AMC’s website is useful incase the AMFI site is down or un-available. But always prefer to go to AMFI website to get more reliable AMC information as detailed in Approach 2.

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