How To articles on Mutual Funds will explain various workflows involved in Mutual Fund investment process. Know how to invest in mutual funds, how to track portfolios and many other things about mutual funds.

How to Invest in Direct Mutual Funds through AMC

Investing in Direct mutual funds save a lot of money over the period of years in contrast to investing in regular mutual funds. Many people tend to buy mutual funds through brokers just because there are many third-party services available in the market attracting potential investors.


How to find Mutual Fund House’s Website

Mutual Fund investors often need to know about the details of Mutual Fund House and the people behind the AMC. Also in order to search in direct mutual funds investors tend to register directly with AMC for hassle free experience and stay protected. This article will explain how to identify Mutual Fund House's website in detail.


Track Mutual Fund investments made through different platforms

It is very common that investors tend to buy mutual funds through different third-party platforms due to various reasons. Most of the investors find it often difficult to keep track of their investments across these mutual fund platforms. This article helps investors on how to keep track of mutual fund investments in different portfolios across AMCs through different platforms in an automated way.