How to get Consolidated Realised Gain Statement

A Consolidated Realized Gain Statement (CRG) contains the Gain or Loss details of Mutual Fund Investments. It is very simple to obtain from CAMS. This article will detail about how to obtain CRG statement from CAMS and explain the statement in detail.

Mutual Fund investments are taxable too! If you are not sure about the tax slabs, you may want to understand Tax on Mutual Fund Returns. Now that you as an investor started enjoying returns on mutual fund investments, you ought to know how to ensure that you are taxed. The detailed investment gain (loss) statement will contain mutual fund wise taxable income details and many other tax related information.

Obtaining Consolidated Realised Gain Statement

You can obtain the Consolidated Realised Gain Statement from CAMS online website by visiting their Realised Gain Statement Page. Internet Explorer is suggested to access this page.

Submit Request for CRG Statement

Request for Consolidated Realised Gain Statement through CAMS
Request for Consolidated Realised Gain Statement through CAMS

Choose Period for which CRG Statement is needed

You can request CRG statement for the past three years. You can choose this option by selecting one of the periods available like Current FY and Previous FY,  2nd last FY and 3rd last FY.

If you are a fresh investor who just started investing into mutual funds less than a couple of years ago, then select the Current FY and Previous FY option. If you are a mature investor and had redeemed any mutual funds in the past two to three years, then select either 2nd last FY or 3rd last FY depending on your tenure.

You must be aware that this statement may only contains the Capital Gain details of mutual funds that are switched out or redeemed for the period of transaction statement requested.

Email Address to obtain CRG Statement

Once you are done selecting Period for which you want to gain CRG statement, you need to enter your email address to which you want the CRG statement should be delivered to.

You will only be able to obtain CRG Statement to the email address which you have provided while investing in mutual funds.

In case you provide any random email address that is not linked with any of the mutual fund investments, you will be warned with the message that says:

‘We are unable to find any folio in any Mutual Fund with this registered Email Id. For your own protection, please send a written request for Email Id registration after which this service will be enabled.

If you have already made investments offline and failed to provide email address, you can register an account on myCAMS Online and link your PAN card.

Optional PAN Details

It is optional to provide PAN number while requesting for Consolidated Realised Gain statement. You can leave it blank.

Delivery Option for CRG Statement

CRG Statement is available in two delivery options. One is a download link which will be emailed to you. Another option is to obtain the CRG Statement as encrypted PDF attachment directly to the email address.

Choosing the Password

You must choose the password to open the statement obtained through any of the delivery option selected in the previous step. For simplicity select a password such as your mobile number or PAN. This will ease up the process while sharing the CRG Statement with third-party tax consultants to assess your taxable returns.

Hit Submit button once you are done with the customization of the CRG statement being requested.

Check your email

CRG Statements will be delivered to your registered email address with in 5 minutes. Sometimes it may take 2 to 4 hours depending on the load on the requests to the CAMS.

Consolidated Realised Gain Statement - CAMS Mailback Request
Consolidated Realised Gain Statement – CAMS Mailback Request

If you have chosen Current FY and Previous FY, you must see two CRG statements one for each of the current and previous financial years.

As this is a free service, this statement is generated only twice a day and maximum of ten times per month per user  .

What will my CRG statement contain?

The Consolidated Realised Gain is a statement of Investment Performance of your equity and non-equity mutual funds. It contains only the details of mutual funds held in Statement of Account (SOA) format. In a simple analogy, it is like your Facebook profile page that displays your activities, posts, shares etc,. A CRG Statement will contain the activity done by you the investor for a given period of financial year. It contains various activities like

  • Actual withdrawals made by you from a mutual fund
  • Realised gains or losses for each mutual fund investment
  • Summary of Dividends paid out to the investor

Consolidated Realised Gain Statement will not reflect the mutual funds held in Demat format. For example mutual funds bought through platforms such as Coin by Zerodha*,* to name a few will be in demat format. It is suggested to contact the respective Depository Participant (DP) for demat folio statements.

Investment Gain / (Loss) Statement 
Consolidated Realised Gain Statement from CAMS
Investment Gain / (Loss) Statement
Consolidated Realised Gain Statement from CAMS

You can notice that the CRG Statement contains the details like Redemption or Switch-out, Corresponding Units in purchase or Switch-In or Dividend reinvested, Grandfathered Investments, Capital Gains or losses and finally the TDS if applicable. These are segregated AMC level and then by mutual funds falling in Equity and Non-Equity Schemes.

This statement also has the details of the mutual fund schemes’ old and new names if in case the fund has been renamed after you have made an investment. Added to this it has all the aforementioned details for both direct and regular mutual funds held by the investor in Statement of Account (SOA) format.

*The reference of companies like zerodha, icicidirect is just for informational purposes and to make the investor aware of the mode of holdings available in mutual fund.

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