Track Mutual Fund investments made through different platforms

It is very common that investors tend to buy mutual funds through different third-party platforms due to various reasons. Most of the investors find it often difficult to keep track of their investments across these mutual fund platforms. This article helps investors on how to track mutual fund investments in different portfolios across AMCs through different platforms in an automated way.

Booming FinTech in India

As the Fin-tech industry in India is booming, many Mutual Fund investment platforms came up offering more innovative solutions to investors, thus enabling them hassle free investment experience. As an investor, there is a natural tendency to sign up with most of these platforms as majority of them offer free basic account for investing. Other reasons to register are, new investment platforms available in the market offering better user experience and features than existing ones. Regardless of these reasons the investors tend to open accounts whichever the platform they find more intuitive and thus invest in mutual fund schemes through these different platforms.

The problem

Assuming you have accounts with many of these investment platforms, after few months or years some platforms may run out of business or there is a possibility that the investors lose tracking of these investments through the various platforms.
One must be aware that there is a one stop solution for tracking almost all mutual fund investments in a Consolidated Account Statement.

Consolidated Account Statement

To keep track of all your investments, KARVY, CAMS, Franklin Templeton and SBFS (Sundaram BNP Paribas Financial Services), in a syndicated initiative, enable the MF investors to get a consolidated view of their mutual fund holdings through e-CAS (electronic consolidated account statement) or simply referred CAS. The statement will be sent to your email address you provide during the request of e-CAS.

The CAS statement contains the view of all the mutual fund houses/AMC serviced by KARVY, FTAMIL, CAMS and SBFS. So investors can avail the facility to obtain a CAS in pdf format if they have provided their email address while investing in mutual funds serviced by KARVY, CAMS, FTAMIL and SBFS.

Types of CAS

Basically there are two types of Consolidated Account Statement available on request by the investor. They are the Summary Statement and the Detailed Statement.

Summary Statement

The Consolidated Account Summary statement will have only mutual fund balances and portfolio valuation.

Detailed Statement

The Detailed CAS includes not only mutual fund balances and portfolio valuation, but also has transaction listings. This means if you have SIPs, the detailed SIP investment dates along with the number of units allotted and the NAV details are present in this statement.

Ways to request CAS

As of today, there are two websites that provide CAS. One is KARVY and other is CAMs. We will see how a CAS can be requested from KARVY.

Steps to request CAS on KARVY

Mutual Fund Consolidate Account Statement request page
  • Visit this URL
  • Under the Statement Type section, choose the
    Detailed (Includes transaction listing) radio button.
  • Feel free to play around with the Period. If you want full detailed statement, then select Specific Period radio button found in the Period section.
  • Set From Date to the date from which you started investing in mutual funds.
  • Set To Date to today’s date.
  • Provide Email address. This is mandatory and the email address to which the statement will be sent to in PDF format. Please be sure that the Email address should be the same as the one you provided during investing in mutual funds. If you have skipped providing email while investing offline in few of the mutual funds, those funds may not be present in the CAS.
  • Provide PAN number. If you don’t have it handy, leave it as its an optional field.
  • Password and Re-enter Password: This is your choice. You can give your mobile number or PAN number as you wish. This password is helpful to open the password protected PDF statement that is being sent to your email provided.
  • Finally enter the captha  code to ensure that you are real person requesting the statement. This is to prevent bots from accessing this page.

Email from KARVY with CAS

Generally the CAS service used to take 5 to 10 mins to send a CAS PDF to your email. Its been observed that it may take around 3 to 4 hours now a days. Here is how the Mailback Request for CAS from KARVY looks like.

Consolidated Account Statement – KARVY Mailback Request

Once you download and open the pdf, you will be prompted for password as shown below.

Password Protected CAS statement from KARVY

Provide the password you chose when creating request for CAS and you will see the detailed CAS of your mutual fund investments.

CAS statement generated by KARVY

The above image shows the sample detailed CAS statement generated by KARVY.

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