Tracking Mutual Fund in case the distributor runs out of business

Investing in Mutual Funds through third-party mutual fund platforms will allot regular schemes to the investors. One can verify this in the account statement for the presence of Advisor that matches the name of the company through which you have invested into the Mutual Fund. It is rather daunting for many budding investors that what happens to the investments made in Mutual Funds if the Advisor runs out of business? This article helps mutual fund investors of regular schemes to track their mutual funds even after the third-party advisor runs out of business.

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Assuming that you, the investor, had bought a Mutual Fund from third-party company. Lets say the company has shut its operations due to some reasons. Now, the most worrying thing is, what happens to your mutual fund investments? How can you keep track of them? This may rather lead to most annoying thoughts in the mind of the investor.

What happens if the third-party Advisor runs out of business?

In order to keep track of your investments you must always keep the folio number safe in your records. The Folio number of the mutual fund you have invested is the life saver to track the investments at any time in the future. You can contact the AMC (Asset Management Company), with the folio number and they will track and give investment information in detail.

How can I keep track of  my investments?

You could be even more responsible by registering yourself with the AMC’s Mutual Fund website and link your folio number present in the account statement generated at the time of investment with the portfolio in the AMC’s website. Thus you can keep track of your investments and never loose track of your investments.

Save Folio Number from the Consolidated Account Statement

Assume that you have invested in Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Growth on 12-Nov-2014.  As you can see in the image below that shows transaction details taken from the CAS (Consolidated Account Statement) generated by Karvy, has the Advisor with some alphanumeric text.  That means the investor has bought the mutual fund through a third-party mutual fund advisor.

Mutual Fund Transactiaon Detail from Consolidated Account Statement generated from Karvy

For you, the Adviser may vary depending on the third-party mutual fund advisory or distributor you choose while investing into mutual fund regular schemes. Notice that the Folio Number and PAN in the above image is removed purposefully to protect investor’s security. Save the Folio Number and contact AMC support via email or telephone provided on AMC website. The AMC support team will assist you based on the Folio number and PAN card information you provide.

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